The Open World Survival Video Game Unturned Cheats and Console Command.

Unturned is set up in the open world survival video game which was designed and published by Nelson Sexton. Nelson Sexton is the owner and founder of Smartly Programmed Games. Since it’s released many unturned cheats were also created to ease the gameplay for players.

Unturned GamePlay and WalkThrough Guide For Players:

The game starts by leaving the player off on a map of their choice. With nothing in their hands, players must find some weapons to defend against zombies, as well as find supplies to keep them alive of dying for not getting food, disease, thirst and if Yukon is the case and other winter maps, cold.

As the player moves forward through the game, they earn experience points from killing zombies or collecting resources, which is then used for boosts and craving.

Multiplayer Survival Mode In Unturned:

Unturned’s multiplayer survival mode has made multiple players play together on the same map at the same time. Players have the right to choose to team up to keep them safe against the zombies which spawn randomly.

Then to gather items, or players can choose to fight each other, and fight over the items.The game also has a feature in which the player can be in a group with friends in a same “team”.

This “team” gives the player the strength to stare towards each other on the map and also allows doors to be opened which is owned by other group members, and also to toggle off friendly fire among the members of the group.

This allows the use of other locked items such as cars and lockers by others.

Game Mode In Unturned:

Arena mode is that game mode in Unturned which is only available to play in multiplayer. The game mode spawns players in a point of spawning which is at the centre of the map, where players rush to collect items. Same as we have a game level in Gunblood gameplay.

These items are medical supplies, weapons, and ammo – from a point in the centre of the map.

Players must then either spread themselves from the middle of the map or stay in the centre and fight each other. The group feature permits teams to kill other players together, as well as to toggle accidental friendly fire. The surviving person or the team alive can win the arena mode at the end of the round.

Players are killed by each other, or if they cross the map border, which contracts and decapitates all of the players that are present outside, to pressurise the players into the centre of the map to battle. This feature was inherited to prevent the round from going on for too long period.

Horde Mode was previously an Alpha game mode in Unturned 3. While it can still possibly be accessed through the usage of the Workshop, it is otherwise unavailable in the present. In Horde Mode, players fight against waves of zombies.

To enhance the gameplay experience, enter the following cheat codes.

Unturned Cheats and Console Command:

Important Note: Use ” <> ”  instead of ” ( ) ” if cheats code does not work.

For example:

  • DESCRIPTION: Give server admin authority to a player   
  • CODES : @Admin <player> instead of @Admin (player)

Complete List Of Unturned Commands:

Give server admin authority to a player@Admin (player)
Ban player from the server so he can’t play again on the same server.@Ban (player)/(comment)/(seconds)
Set the time to day@Day
Gives the selected players specific item@Give (player)/(item ID number)/(amount)
Gain some amount of experience which you desire@Experience (player)/(experience amount)
Kick player from server so he loses his score@Kick (player)/(comment)
Sets the number of players at max who could enter@Maxplayers (number)
Changes the time to night@Night
current server’s data is saved@Save
Replace your name with [sever] tag in chat messages@Say (comment)
Stops the activation of the server and save status@Shutdown
Bans and kills the selected player for the default year@Slay (player)
Teleporting 1 player to another player or a specific locatiom@Teleport (player)/(destination player or location ID)
Set the time@Time (number)
Remove server admin authority from player@Unadmin (player)
Lift a ban from player so he could reconnect@Unban (player)
Remove permit from indicated player@Unpermit (player)
Spawn specific vehicle near the player@Vehicle (player)/(vehicle ID number)
Spawn zombie enemies near a player@Zombie (player)/(amount)

Unturned Cheats and Console Command Item ID Number:

Orange Hoodie3
Eaglefire Ironsights5
5.56 Magazine6
5.56 Silencer7
Vertical Grip8
Police Vest10
Canned Beans13
Water Bottle14
5.56 Drum17
Timberwolf Ironsights19
8.60 Magazine20
8x Scope21
Red Dot Sight22
Tuxedo Pants (Premium Account)23
Tuxedo Shirt (Premium Account)24
Gold Bowtie (Premium Account)25
Monocle (Premium Account)26
Tophat (Premium Account)27
Gas Can28
Fortification Barricade29
Wood Barricade30
Wood Foundation31
Wood Doorway32
Wood Wall33
Wood Window34
Maple Roof35
Wood Pillar36
Military Ammo Crate43
Civilian Ammo Box44
Metal Scrap67
Metal Sheet68
Tomato Soup77
Chicken Soup78
Canned Tuna79
Canned Cola80
Chocolate Bar83
Candy Bar84
Granola Bar85
Energy Bar86
Canned Pasta87
Canned Bacon88
Canned Beef89
Canned Sardines90
Apple Juice91
Grape Juice92
Bottled Energy93
Bottled Coconut94
Colt Magazine98
Cobra Magazine100
Schofield Ironsights102
Schofield Clip103
Fire Axe104