An Action-Adventure, Grand Theft Auto GTA 4 Cheats and Console Command.

“GTA 4” or “Grand Theft Auto 4” is the 4th installation to the popular games series of GTA which was developed by the American game developers, Rockstar GamesSince the game launched, many GTA 4 cheats were also launched,

Grand Theft Auto 4 Game Playing Version and Platform:

This game is an open world third-person action-adventure video game. It was made available for Xbox 360 and PS3 on 29th April 2008. The Windows version was released on 2nd December 2008.

This game is the 11th title of the GTA series and was released after 2004s GTA: San Andreas. The Protagonist of the game is called Nikos Bellic. Nikos is a War veteran and wants to escape from his past.

Nikos Bellic is in an attempt to escape from the mob bosses and loan sharks. The game’s design lets the players roam freely in the Liberty City and the neighbouring three main islands.

The player becomes the protagonist character Nikos and navigates the game world by simply walking or by using a vehicle.

Playing Modes In Grand Theft Auto 4:

The online multiplayer mode is also available in the game where up to 32 people can be part of this at the same time in the Liberty City.

Later two extensions were released which had a connection with the original game. The two extensions are namely “The Lost and Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony”, both featured the new plots according to GTA 4.

Development of GTA 4 Game:

Development of the game began soon after the publishing of GTA San Andreas. The development project of GTA 4 was shared between Rockstar Studios Worldwide.

The developers were keener on introducing realistic graphics and audio tone which was suited for this game.

Unlike other GTA games before, GTA 4 lacked in the cinematic influence. The team tried to have an original approach to the game’s story.

As part of the research for an open world, the developers initiated field research of New York and recorded videos of various places as a reference for creating the Liberty City’s design in GTA 4.

Announcement And Release of GTA 4:

GTA 4’s announcement was made public in May 2006 and became a most anticipated game because of the success the previous titles had.

Upon its release, the game was an instant hit and universally acclaimed by the critics. The game’s narrative and its open world design were liked by many. However, the game was criticised for its content like violence and drunken driving.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Record and Achievements:

GTA 4 broke every sales record and became the fastest-selling video game in history during that time. It earned 310 million USD on the release date and 500 million USD in the first week. The game title is considered as the one of best of all times.

The video game won the award for “Best Game of the Year 2008” and many of the other prestigious gaming awards after its pinnacle success.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Gameplay:

A player has to complete missions which consist of linear scenarios and objectives, one by one to progress through the video game. Just like GTA vice city, the player GTA 4 can choose his/her mission by going to places on the Liberty City map or wait for instructions via phone call by various characters.

A Start of Player’s Journey:

The player starts his journey in the game from Duke’s island. And then as the game progresses further new areas get unlocked for the players to explore in.

The players have the liberty to roam anywhere and do anything they please while not on missions. The area of Liberty City is the largest as compared to previous GTA games areas.

Activities That Can Be Perform By The Players:

A Player can use firearms, melee attacks and also explosives to fight his/her enemies. The player can do manoeuvres like running, jumping, swimming or drive vehicles for exploring the game’s world. Vehicles can be driven in the first-person view.

Auto aim option is also available to make shooting at enemies easier. If a player takes damage his/her health meter can be regenerated by using medical kits, eating or by calling for paramedics. If a player commits a crime while playing. He/She becomes the target by the in-game police and the player’s HUD displays “Wanted”.

Players HUD Wanted Level Display:

The HUD also displays Wanted level which consists of stars from 1 to 6 (1 is minimum, and six is maximum). The player’s wanted level can decrease by entering the cooldown mode with his/hers borrowed cars or by hiding from the officers. Players can also use GTA 4 cheats given below in order to cool down quickly.

Characters In GTA 4 GamePlay:

During the story, the player meets various characters and sometimes becomes friends with them. The characters can perform for favours for the player or vice versa.

For example, Roman, the owner of a taxi service helps you by sending one of his cabs to the player and take him/her to any destination in the Liberty City. Roman’s Cabs are always there during gameplay and allows the player to travel to any destination.

Through the game proceedings, a player also faces situations where he/she gets to choose between some issues which can alter the game significantly.

GTA 4 Cheats and Console Commands:

To enhance the experience, enter some of the GTA 4 Cheats as per your requirements:

Complete List Of Grand Theft Auto GTA 4 Cheats:

4825550100Get Health and Weapon
3625550100Get Health and Armour
4865550100Get weapons like Baseball Bat, Revolver, Grenades, SMG, Shotgun, , Carbine Rifle, and Sniper, RPG.
4865550150Get weapons like Knife, Pistol, Pump shotgun, molotovs, Micro SMG, Sniper rifle, Assault rifle
2675550100Remove the Wanted Level
2675550150Increase Wanted Level by one star.
4685550100Change of Weather
3595550100Get Annihilator
9385550100Get Jetmax
6255550100Get NRG900
6255550150Get Sanchez
2275550100Get FIB Buffalo
2275550175Get Comet
2275550147Get Turismo
2275550142Get Cognoscenti
2275550168Get Super GT