DOTA 2 Cheats and Console Commands For PC.

DOTA 2 Cheats and Console Commands can be used in practice games to test various settings (obviously, we don’t use it for that).

They can be enabled in lobbies in the settings. This setting shall allow players to use various chat commands and It also grants shared control over bot heroes.

Defense of the Ancients DOTA 2:

DOTA 2 Game Introduction:

Valve Corporation developed and released the massively multiplayer online battle arena game DOTA 2 as a sequel to the one of the top-rated online match DOTA.

Whereas DotA was only an online battle mod for Warcraft III, DOTA 2 is a complete standalone game that has been created by different developers, but it is mostly dependant on the elements of DOTA.

The development of this game started way back in 2009 the game was finally developed using the source engine and officially released in Windows, OS-X, and Linux using Steam in July 2012.

With updates often rolling in after the release the game soon shifted to a more advanced engine- the Source 2 engine in 2015 which further improved gameplay and graphics. Interestingly, DOTA 2 was the first game to use this engine.

DOTA 2 Game Features:

Overall the gameplay story remains the same- with two teams named Radiant and Dire with two players each, occupy two fortresses as opposite ends of the playing map and battle each other to destroy a structure in the heart of the opponent’s fortress called the Ancient, while defending their own.

There are many changes in DOTA 2 with improved graphics being an obvious change. But there are many other changes which have been implemented due to engine parity difference and copyright issues with the original game. Here we discuss some of the changes in DOTA

Difference Between DOTA and DOTA 2:

One big difference between DOTA and DOTA 2 is the Fog of War. Although the fog still exists in the DOAT 2, it does not stop your unit from following the enemy.

Instead, it will just go to the last seen location of the enemy. This gives an advantage to ranged characters, as their projectiles will follow the enemy into the fog, thus revealing their position.

Items Change of Name:

Several items have their name changed in DOTA 2 like- Sobi Mask has now become Sage’s Mask, Eaglehorn, Lothar’s Edge, Circlet of Nobility, Cranium Basher of DotA are now- Eaglesong, Shadow blade, Circlet and Skull Basher in DOTA 2.

Modification Of Old Items:

More than the introduction of new items, older items have been modified to alter their functions. For example, Hands of Midas does not have a projectile and can be used by Spirit Bear as well as Lone Druid’s.

Also, significant changes have been made to Phase boots as it can be used along with Firefly, Spectral Dagger but can no longer grant invisibility.

DOTA 2 Game Playing Characters:

The game now has 113 playing characters or ‘Heroes.’ Many of the old heroes have been changed in DOTA 2. Like, Silencer’s Intelligence Steal and Shadow Fiend’s Necromastery can gain souls immediately after the enemy is killed.

The latest update has been released on October 3, 2017, by Valve where they have fixed various bugs with the matchmaking system, making the system more sensitive, better suitable for new players and also banning players engaged in malicious activities like account-selling and in-game feeding.

DOTA 2: Cheat and Console Commands:

So basically, the player has to enable cheats via the console with the sv_cheats 1 command. A lot of console commands require this command before working, even when the player turned cheats on in the lobby settings.

These cheats are completely approved by Valve for testing purposes and their use will not result in penalties.

Warning: Using third-party modifications in-game, however, will result in a ban.

After enabling cheats through the lobby settings, the players can use the following chat commands. All of these commands also have a console command equivalent, a lot of which are only usable once the host enabled sv_cheats.

Chat commandEquivalent console commandEffect
-lvlup #dota_dev hero_level #Increases the level of the user’s hero by # (cannot reduce level).
-levelbots #dota_bot_give_level #Increases the level of all bots’ heroes by # (cannot reduce level).
-lvlmaxdota_dev hero_maxlevelLevels your hero to the max and skills all your abilities.
-gold #dota_dev player_givegold #Grants the user # unreliable gold (using negative numbers reduces gold)
-item dota_create_item Gives the user’s hero the named item (in case of Meepo​, gives items only to the prime).
-givebots dota_bot_give_item Gives all bots’ heroes the named item (in case of Meepo​, gives items only to the prime)
-refreshdota_dev hero_refreshReplenishes the player’s (and all bots’) hero’s health and mana to full, and refreshes their ability and item cooldowns. Only affects heroes (and illusions). Also resets the cooldowns of
Glyph of Fortification and Scan. Does not affect Buyback cooldown.
-respawndota_dev hero_respawnForces the player’s hero to respawn. Also works while the hero is alive, moving it to the team fountain, replenishing health and mana.
-startgamedota_dev forcegamestartForces the match to start immediately, skipping the prepare phase. Using this command after the match starts (0.00 minute mark creeps spawn) has no effect
-spawncreepsdota_spawn_creepsInstantly spawns lane creeps on each lane for both teams.
-spawnneutralsdota_spawn_neutralsInstantly spawns neutral creeps at each camp. Does not spawn when other neutral creeps are within the spawn area, but ignores other units.
dota_creeps_no_spawning 1/0Disables lane and neutral creep spawning (except Roshan).
Enables lane and neutral creep spawning.
-spawnrunedota_spawn_runeSpawns runes at both rune spots, one being a bounty rune, the other being a random non-bounty rune
-killwardsdota_dev killwardsDestroys all placed Sentry Wards and Observer Wards
-clearwardsdota_clear_wardsDestroys all placed Observer Wards.
-createhero dota_create_unit Creates named unit or hero as an ally, neutral or enemy. The unit spawns where the user’s mouse courser is pointing. Can spawn any unit, not only heroes.
-createhero neutraldota_create_unit neutralNeutral heroes cannot be created. Attempting to do so spawns them as Radiant heroes without a slot aligned for them.
-createhero enemydota_create_unit enemySpawning buildings this way always appear at the map center and are always invulnerable. Some spawned summons may not have their abilities.
-dumpbotsdota_bot_dump_stateDisplays AI status.
dota_ability_debug 1/0 Disables mana cost and cooldown of abilities and items, and applies the same effects as -refresh
Enables mana cost and cooldown of abilities and items.
dota_all_vision 1/0Enables shared vision between Radiant and Dire.
Disables shared vision between the teams.
-teleportdota_dev hero_teleportTeleports the selected hero to the current cursor location.
-treesdota_treerespawnRespawns all trees on the map, taking tree spawn blocking into account.
-windota_winInstantly destroys the enemy’s Ancient.

Item names:

These are the commands which are used with the -item and -givebots chat commands or the dota_create_item and dota_bot_give_item console commands. Every item has an internal name in the game files.

In order to create various items, these internal names have to be used, and not the ingame item name. The item’s whole internal name is not required, it will match to a substring to create the item.

-item item_blink
-givebots item_arcane_boots
dota_create_item item_greater_crit
dota_bot_give_item item_demon_edge
Items in light grey fields have internal names which do not match their ingame name.

Basic items:

ItemInternal name
Aegis of the Immortalitem_aegis
Animal Courieritem_courier
Band of Elvenskinitem_boots_of_elves
Belt of Strengthitem_belt_of_strength
Blade of Alacrityitem_blade_of_alacrity
Blades of Attackitem_blades_of_attack
Blight Stoneitem_blight_stone
Blink Daggeritem_blink
Boots of Speeditem_boots
Demon Edgeitem_demon_edge
Dust of Appearance item_dust
Enchanted Mangoitem_enchanted_mango
Energy Booster item_energy_booster
Faerie Fireitem_faerie_fire
Flying Courieritem_flying_courier
Gauntlets of Strengthitem_gauntlets
Gem of True Sightitem_gem
Ghost Scepter item_ghost
Gloves of Hasteitem_gloves
Healing Salve item_flask
Helm of Iron Willitem_helm_of_iron_will
Hyperstone item_hyperstone
Infused Raindrop item_infused_raindrop
Iron Branch item_branches
Magic Stickitem_magic_stick
Mantle of Intelligencetem_mantle
Mithril Hammeritem_mithril_hammer
Morbid Maskitem_lifesteal
Mystic Staffitem_mystic_staff
Observer Ward item_ward_observer
Ogre Club item_ogre_axe
Orb of Venom item_orb_of_venom
Platemail item_platemail
Point Boosteritem_point_booster
Quelling Bladeitem_quelling_blade
Reaver item_reaver
Ring of Healthitem_ring_of_health
Ring of Protection item_ring_of_protection
Ring of Regenitem_ring_of_regen
Robe of the Magi item_robe
Sacred Relicitem_relic
Sage’s Maskitem_sobi_mask
Sentry Ward item_ward_sentry
Shadow Amulet item_shadow_amulet
Slippers of Agilityitem_slippers
Smoke of Deceititem_smoke_of_deceit
Staff of Wizardryitem_staff_of_wizardry
Stout Shield item_stout_shield
Talisman of Evasionitem_talisman_of_evasion
Tango (Shared) item_tango_single
Tome of Knowledgeitem_tome_of_knowledge
Town Portal Scrollitem_tpscroll
Ultimate Orbitem_ultimate_orb
Vitality Boosteritem_vitality_booster
Void Stoneitem_void_stone
Wind Lace item_wind_lace

Upgraded Items:

ItemInternal nameInternal recipe name
Abyssal Bladeitem_abyssal_bladeitem_recipe_abyssal_blade
Aether Lensitem_aether_lensitem_recipe_aether_lens
Aghanim’s Scepteritem_ultimate_scepter item_recipe_ultimate_scepter
Arcane Bootsitem_arcane_boots item_recipe_arcane_boots
Armlet of Mordiggianitem_armlet item_recipe_armlet
Assault Cuirassitem_assault item_recipe_assault
Battle Furyitem_bfury tem_recipe_bfury
Black King Baritem_black_king_baritem_recipe_black_king_bar
Blade Mailitem_blade_mailitem_recipe_blade_mail
Bloodstone item_bloodstone item_recipe_bloodstone
Bloodthornitem_bloodthorn item_recipe_bloodthorn
Boots of Travel2 item_travel_boots_# (1-2) item_recipe_travel_boots
Bracer item_bracer item_recipe_bracer
Butterfly item_butterflyitem_recipe_butterfly
Crimson Guarditem_crimson_guard item_recipe_crimson_guard
Crystalys item_lesser_crit item_recipe_lesser_crit
Daedalusitem_greater_crit item_recipe_greater_crit
Dagon2 item_dagon_# (1-5)item_recipe_dagon
Diffusal Blade2item_diffusal_blade_# (1-2)item_recipe_diffusal_blade
Dragon Lance item_dragon_lance item_recipe_dragon_lance
Drum of Enduranceitem_ancient_janggo item_recipe_ancient_janggo
Echo Sabre item_echo_sabreitem_recipe_echo_sabre
Ethereal Blade item_ethereal_blade item_recipe_ethereal_blade
Eul’s Scepter of Divinitytem_cyclone item_recipe_cyclone
Eye of Skadiitem_skadi item_recipe_skadi
Force Staff item_force_staff item_recipe_force_staff
Glimmer Capeitem_glimmer_capeitem_recipe_glimmer_cape
Guardian Greaves item_guardian_greaves item_recipe_guardian_greaves
Hand of Midasitem_hand_of_midas item_recipe_hand_of_midas
Headdress item_headdressitem_recipe_headdress
Heart of Tarrasqueitem_heart item_recipe_heart
Heaven’s Halberditem_heavens_halberd item_recipe_heavens_halberd
Helm of the Dominatoritem_helm_of_the_dominatoritem_recipe_helm_of_the_dominator
Hood of Defiance item_hood_of_defiance item_recipe_hood_of_defiance
Hurricane Pike item_hurricane_pikeitem_recipe_hurricane_pike
Iron Talon item_iron_talonitem_recipe_iron_talon
Linken’s Sphere item_sphere item_recipe_sphere
Lotus Orb item_lotus_orb item_recipe_lotus_orb
Maelstrom item_maelstrom item_recipe_maelstrom
Magic Wanditem_magic_wanditem_recipe_magic_wand
Manta Styleitem_manta item_recipe_manta
Mask of Madnessitem_mask_of_madnessitem_recipe_mask_of_madness
Medallion of Courageitem_medallion_of_courageitem_recipe_medallion_of_courage
Mjollniritem_mjollnir item_recipe_mjollnir
Monkey King Baritem_monkey_king_baritem_recipe_monkey_king_bar
Moon Sharditem_moon_shard item_recipe_moon_shard
Necronomicon2item_necronomicon_# (1-3)item_recipe_necronomicon
Null Talisman item_null_talismanitem_recipe_null_talisman
Oblivion Staffitem_oblivion_staff item_recipe_oblivion_staff
Observer and Sentry Wardsitem_ward_dispenser item_recipe_ward_dispenser
Octarine Coreitem_octarine_core item_recipe_octarine_core
Orchid Malevolence item_orchid item_recipe_orchid
Perseverance item_pers item_recipe_pers
Phase Bootsitem_phase_bootsitem_recipe_phase_boots
Pipe of Insight item_pipe item_recipe_pipe
Poor Man’s Shield item_poor_mans_shield item_recipe_poor_mans_shield
Power Treadsitem_power_treadsitem_recipe_power_treads
Divine Rapieritem_rapier item_recipe_rapier
Refresher Orb item_refresher item_recipe_refresher
Ring of Aquilaitem_ring_of_aquilaitem_recipe_ring_of_aquila
Ring of Basiliusitem_ring_of_basiliusitem_recipe_ring_of_basilius
Rod of Atos item_rod_of_atositem_recipe_rod_of_atos
Sange and Yashaitem_sange_and_yashaitem_recipe_sange_and_yasha
Satanicitem_satanic item_recipe_satanic
Scythe of Vyse item_sheepstick item_recipe_sheepstick
Shadow Bladeitem_invis_sword item_recipe_invis_sword
Shiva’s Guard item_shivas_guard item_recipe_shivas_guard
Silver Edge item_silver_edgeitem_recipe_silver_edge
Skull Basheritem_basher item_recipe_basher
Solar Crest item_solar_crestitem_recipe_solar_crest
Soul Boosteritem_soul_boosteritem_recipe_soul_booster
Soul Ringitem_soul_ringitem_recipe_soul_ring
Tranquil Boots item_tranquil_bootsitem_recipe_tranquil_boots
Urn of Shadowsitem_urn_of_shadowsitem_recipe_urn_of_shadows
Veil of Discord item_veil_of_discord item_recipe_veil_of_discord
Vladmir’s Offeringitem_vladmir item_recipe_vladmir
Wraith Banditem_wraith_banditem_recipe_wraith_band
Yashaitem_yasha item_recipe_yasha


  • Every item upgrade has a recipe listed in the game, even when the item’s recipes do not use a recipe scroll.
  • If no number is entered after the name, the game will automatically create level 1 version.

Event items:

The International 2016 
River Vial: Chromeitem_river_painter
River Vial: Dryitem_river_painter2
River Vial: Slimeitem_river_painter3
River Vial: Oilitem_river_painter4
River Vial: Electricitem_river_painter5
River Vial: Potionitem_river_painter6
River Vial: Blooditem_river_painter7

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DOTA 2 Unit Names:

These are used with the -createhero chat command or the dota_create_unit console command. Just like with creating items, in order to create heroes or units, their internal file names have to be used.

Using their actual in-game name does not work (unless it can be used as a syntax as explained below).


Unlike with creating items, the game does recognize syntaxes, allowing the user to shorten the command.

The full command for creating heroes would be for example:

-createhero npc_dota_hero_clinkz

dota_create_unit npc_dota_hero_lina enemy

In these cases, the npc_dota_hero_ part can be left out. The following commands are also valid:

-createhero clinkz

dota_create_unit lina enemy

Additionally, the entirety of the hero’s name need not be added if it is sufficiently long enough to identify the hero.

For example, all of the following commands will spawn an allied Anti-Mage unit:

-createhero npc_dota_hero_antimage

-createhero antimage

-createhero an

The parameter need not necessarily be the beginning of their name either. The command,

-createhero mage

will also spawn an Anti-Mage, just as how the commands,

-createhero pain

-createhero bringer

-createhero zor

will spawn Queen of Pain, Doom, and Razor units respectively.

The same applies to all non-hero units which can be created. The commands can be shortened to spawn a Mud Golem or an Eidolon.

However, if a syntax matches to a hero and a non-hero unit, the game will prioritize the hero.

For example -createhero troll will always create the hero Troll Warlord and never any of the neutral troll creeps. Even though the troll syntax is used by them all.

-createhero npc_dota_neutral_mud_golem

-createhero npc_dota_eidolon

-createhero mud

-createhero eidolon

Hero Names:

Most of the hero’s internal name matches their in-game name. Some however rather match their old, alpha or beta names.

Heroes in grey fields have internal names which do not match their ingame name.

Heroes in * are disabled.

HeroInternal name
Ancient Apparition​ npc_dota_hero_ancient_apparition
Arc Warden​npc_dota_hero_arcwarden
Axe​ npc_dota_hero_axe
Batrider​ npc_dota_hero_batrider
Bounty Hunter​npc_dota_hero_bounty_hunter
Centaur Warrunner​*npc_dota_hero_centaur
Chaos Knight​npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight
Crystal Maiden​npc_dota_hero_crystal_maiden
Dark Seer​npc_dota_hero_dark_seer
Death Prophet​npc_dota_hero_death_prophet
Dragon Knight​npc_dota_hero_dragon_knight
Drow Ranger​npc_dota_hero_drow_ranger
Earth Spirit​npc_dota_hero_earth_spirit
Elder Titan​npc_dota_hero_elder_titan
Faceless Void​npc_dota_hero_faceless_void
Invoker​ npc_dota_hero_invoker
Keeper of the Light​npc_dota_hero_keeper_of_the_light
Legion Commander​npc_dota_hero_legion_commander
Lone Druid​npc_dota_hero_lone_druid
Lycan​ npc_dota_hero_lycan
Morphling​ npc_dota_hero_morphling
Monkey King​npc_dota_hero_monkey_king
Naga Siren​npc_dota_hero_naga_siren
Nature’s Prophet​*npc_dota_hero_furion
Night Stalker​npc_dota_hero_night_stalker
Nyx Assassin​npc_dota_hero_nyx_assassin
Ogre Magi​npc_dota_hero_ogre_magi
Outworld Devourer​*npc_dota_hero_obsidian_destroyer
Phantom Assassin​npc_dota_hero_phantom_assassin
Phantom Lancer​npc_dota_hero_phantom_lancer
Queen of Pain​*npc_dota_hero_queenofpain
Sand King​npc_dota_hero_sand_king
Shadow Demon​ npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon
Shadow Fiend​*npc_dota_hero_nevermore
Shadow Shaman​npc_dota_hero_shadow_shaman
Skywrath Mage​ npc_dota_hero_skywrath_mage
Spirit Breaker​npc_dota_hero_spirit_breaker
Storm Spirit​npc_dota_hero_storm_spirit
Templar Assassin​npc_dota_hero_templar_assassin
Treant Protector​*npc_dota_hero_treant
Troll Warlord​npc_dota_hero_troll_warlord
Vengeful Spirit​*npc_dota_hero_vengefulspirit
Winter Wyvern​npc_dota_hero_winter_wyvern
Witch Doctor​npc_dota_hero_witch_doctor
Wraith King​*npc_dota_hero_skeleton_king

Unit Names:

These are the internal names of non-hero units. This also includes buildings, wards and dummy units used by spells.

Units in *  are either completely removed from the game or are disabled, so they can no longer be created.

Unit -
Radiant/Dire units
Lane creeps
Internal name
Dire melee creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_melee
Dire super melee creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_melee_upgraded
Dire mega melee creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_melee_upgraded_mega
Dire ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged
Dire super ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged_upgraded
Dire mega ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged_upgraded_mega
Dire siege creepnpc_dota_badguys_siege
Dire super siege creepnpc_dota_badguys_siege_upgraded
Dire mega siege creepnpc_dota_badguys_siege_upgraded_mega
Radiant melee creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee
Radiant super melee creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee_upgraded
Radiant mega melee creep npc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee_upgraded_mega
Radiant ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged
Radiant super ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged_upgraded
Radiant mega ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged_upgraded_mega
Radiant siege creepnpc_dota_goodguys_siege
Radiant super siege creepnpc_dota_goodguys_siege_upgraded
Radiant mega siege creepnpc_dota_goodguys_siege_upgraded_mega
Unit :
Radiant/Dire units Buildings
Internal name
Dire Ancientnpc_dota_badguys_fort
Dire filler buildingnpc_dota_badguys_filler
Dire melee barracks topnpc_dota_badguys_melee_rax_top
Dire melee barracks midnpc_dota_badguys_melee_rax_mid
Dire melee barracks bottomnpc_dota_badguys_melee_rax_bot
Dire range barracks topnpc_dota_badguys_range_rax_top
Dire range barracks midnpc_dota_badguys_range_rax_mid
Dire range barracks bottomnpc_dota_badguys_range_rax_bot
Dire tier # top lane towernpc_dota_badguys_tower#_top (1-3)
Dire tier # mid lane towernpc_dota_badguys_tower#_mid (1-3)
Dire tier # bottom lane towernpc_dota_badguys_tower#_bot (1-3)
Dire tier 4 base towernpc_dota_badguys_tower4
Radiant Ancientnpc_dota_goodguys_fort
Radiant filler buildingnpc_dota_goodguys_filler
Radiant melee barracks topnpc_dota_goodguys_melee_rax_top
Radiant melee barracks midnpc_dota_goodguys_melee_rax_mid
Radiant melee barracks bottomnpc_dota_goodguys_melee_rax_bot
Radiant range barracks topnpc_dota_goodguys_range_rax_top
Radiant range barracks midnpc_dota_goodguys_range_rax_mid
Radiant range barracks bottomnpc_dota_goodguys_range_rax_bot
Radiant tier # top lane towernpc_dota_goodguys_tower#_top (1-3)
Radiant tier # mid lane towernpc_dota_goodguys_tower#_mid (1-3)
Radiant tier # bottom lane towernpc_dota_goodguys_tower#_bot (1-3)
Radiant tier 4 base towernpc_dota_goodguys_tower4
Unit :
Radiant/Dire units Neutral creeps
Internal name
Alpha Wolfnpc_dota_neutral_alpha_wolf
Centaur Conquerornpc_dota_neutral_centaur_khan
Centaur Coursernpc_dota_neutral_centaur_outrunner
Dark Troll Summonernpc_dota_neutral_dark_troll_warlord
Fell Spiritnpc_dota_neutral_fel_beast
Giant Wolfnpc_dota_neutral_giant_wolf
Harpy Stormcrafternpc_dota_neutral_harpy_storm
Hellbear Smashernpc_dota_neutral_polar_furbolg_ursa_warrior
Hill Trollnpc_dota_neutral_dark_troll
Hill Troll Berserkernpc_dota_neutral_forest_troll_berserker
Hill Troll Priestnpc_dota_neutral_forest_troll_high_priest
Kobold Soldiernpc_dota_neutral_kobold_tunneler
Kobold Foremannpc_dota_neutral_kobold_taskmaster
Mud Golemnpc_dota_neutral_mud_golem
Ogre Bruisernpc_dota_neutral_ogre_mauler
Ogre Frostmagenpc_dota_neutral_ogre_magi
Satyr Banishernpc_dota_neutral_satyr_trickster
Satyr Mindstealernpc_dota_neutral_satyr_soulstealer
Satyr Tormenternpc_dota_neutral_satyr_hellcaller
Vhoul Assassinnpc_dota_neutral_gnoll_assassin
Wildwing Rippernpc_dota_neutral_enraged_wildkin
Unit :
Radiant/Dire units Ancient creeps
Internal name
Ancient Black Drakenpc_dota_neutral_black_drake
Ancient Black Dragonnpc_dota_neutral_black_dragon
Ancient Granite Golemnpc_dota_neutral_granite_golem
Ancient Primal Stalkernpc_dota_neutral_elder_jungle_stalker
Ancient Prowler Acolytenpc_dota_neutral_prowler_acolyte
Ancient Prowler Shamannpc_dota_neutral_prowler_shaman
Ancient Rock Golemnpc_dota_neutral_rock_golem
Ancient Rumblehidenpc_dota_neutral_small_thunder_lizard
Ancient Stalkernpc_dota_neutral_jungle_stalker
Ancient Thunderhidenpc_dota_neutral_big_thunder_lizard
Summoned units : Regular summonsInternal name
Animal Couriernpc_dota_courier
Boar (old Lesser Boar)npc_dota_beastmaster_boar
Boar (old Greater Boar)npc_dota_beastmaster_greater_boar
Boarnpc_dota_beastmaster_boar_# (1-4)
Doom Shardnpc_dota_neutral_mud_golem_split_doom
Eidolon (lvl1)npc_dota_lesser_eidolon
Eidolon (lvl2)npc_dota_eidolon
Eidolon (lvl3)npc_dota_greater_eidolon
Eidolon (lvl4)npc_dota_dire_eidolon
Flying Couriernpc_dota_flying_courier
Forged Spiritnpc_dota_invoker_forged_spirit
Greater Treantnpc_dota_furion_treant_large
Hawk (old Scout Hawk)npc_dota_scout_hawk
Hawk (old Greater Hawk)npc_dota_greater_hawk
Hawknpc_dota_beastmaster_hawk_# (1-4)
Lycan Wolfpc_dota_lycan_wolf# (1-4)
Necronomicon Archernpc_dota_necronomicon_archer_# (1-3)
Necronomicon Warriornpc_dota_necronomicon_warrior_# (1-3)
Shard Golemnpc_dota_neutral_mud_golem_split
Skeleton Warriornpc_dota_dark_troll_warlord_skeleton_warrior
Zombie (walking)npc_dota_unit_undying_zombie
Zombie (crawling)npc_dota_unit_undying_zombie_torso
Summoned units : Creep-heroes summonsInternal name
Earthnpc_dota_brewmaster_earth_# (1-3)
Firenpc_dota_brewmaster_fire_# (1-3)
Spirit Bearnpc_dota_lone_druid_bear# (1-4)
Stormnpc_dota_brewmaster_storm_# (1-3)
Familiarnpc_dota_visage_familiar# (1-3)
Warlock’s Golemnpc_dota_warlock_golem_# (1-3)
Warlock’s Golem (aghanim’s upgrade)npc_dota_warlock_golem_scepter_# (1-3)
Summoned units Wards summonsInternal name
Death Wardnpc_dota_witch_doctor_death_ward
Frozen Sigilnpc_dota_tusk_frozen_sigil# (1-4)
Healing Wardnpc_dota_juggernaut_healing_ward
Proximity Minenpc_dota_techies_land_mine
Serpent Ward npc_dota_shadow_shaman_ward_# (1-3)
Nether Wardnpc_dota_pugna_nether_ward_# (1-4
Plague Wardnpc_dota_venomancer_plague_ward_# (1-4)
Power Cognpc_dota_rattletrap_cog
Psionic Trapnpc_dota_templar_assassin_psionic_trap
Remote Minenpc_dota_techies_remote_mine
Stasis Trapnpc_dota_techies_stasis_trap
Observer Wardnpc_dota_observer_wards
Sentry Wardnpc_dota_sentry_wards
Dummy/spell unitsInternal name
Astral Spiritnpc_dota_elder_titan_ancestral_spirit
Base unitnpc_dota_units_base
Eyes in the Forestnpc_dota_treant_eyes
Fire Remnantnpc_dota_ember_spirit_remnant
Homing Missilenpc_dota_gyrocopter_homing_missile
“invisible vision source”npc_dota_invisible_vision_source
“looping sound”npc_dota_looping_sound
Kindler’s Kitnpc_dota_healing_campfire
Manifold Paradox kill gravestonesnpc_dota_phantomassassin_gravestone
Minefield Signnpc_dota_techies_minefield_sign
Plasma Fieldnpc_dota_plasma_field
Rocket Flarenpc_dota_rattletrap_rocket
“Slark Visual”npc_dota_slark_visual
Spin Webnpc_dota_broodmother_web
Static Remnantnpc_dota_stormspirit_remnant
Target Dummynpc_dota_target_dummy
The Swarmnpc_dota_weaver_swarm
Whirling Axesnpc_dota_troll_warlord_axe
Wild Axesnpc_dota_beastmaster_axe
Event units
Internal name
“Halloween Chaos Unit”npc_dota_halloween_chaos_unit
Dire Diretide melee creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_melee_diretide
Dire Diretide ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged_diretide
Dire Diretide siege creepnpc_dota_badguys_siege_diretide
Radiant Diretide melee creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee_diretide
Radiant Diretide ranged creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged_diretide
Radiant Diretide siege creepnpc_dota_goodguys_siege_diretide


The immense success of DotA was hard to live up to, but that is what precisely what Valve did with DOTA 2. For some, it has even exceeded expectations as DOTA 2 is rated above the old DotA in some parts of the gaming community.

This popularity has seen DOTA 2 tournaments been organized with the highest prize money among sports tournaments, with the largest competition being the International which is held every year by Valve Corporation in Seattle.