ARK Survival Evolved Admin Commands for Xbox One

After the latest patch (v733) has been released, it is now possible to use the ARK  Admin Commands on Xbox One! Yes, you read it correctly, this will make it possible for you to spawn in those dinosaurs you love, the items, you can also fly around the map and countless other things to do.

In this article, we will guide you with ARK Survival Evolved Admin Commands on Xbox One, by giving you some valuable resources and also a good explanation on how you can use everything in your single player games and servers.

ARK: Survival Evolved

For someone who always had crazy fantasies of living in the age of Dinosaurs inspired by watching Jurassic Park. This is the Game to fulfil those fantasies Virtually. ARK is an adventurous Survival/Crafting FPS/TPS Game with amusingly attractive Dino AI.

Initially, you are dumped on the beaches of a massive, foreboding island, where after you must survive in the ARKs (maps) using Amateur weapons followed by a high progression of advancement in weapon technology.

The challenge is to stay alive by acquiring all basic needs while continually avoiding and tackling ghastly detailed dinosaurs.

Survival Evolved Critical Aspects Of The Game Play:

Great Visuals:

The forest-like game environment is very pleasing to the eyes and hence, maintains the excitement of the Player. The impressive diversity of creatures crammed into each ARK adds up to the appealing chemistry.

You even get to ride on Dinosaurs and other animals, which is fun to explore and the point of view which we get while riding Dinosaurs is a great attraction.

Multiplayer Mode:

If you ever feel lonely fighting terrible dinos alone, don’t worry, you have an option to get other players and create a tribe to help divide the Labour.

ARKs can be crowded up to 100 players. Thus, playing constructively co-coordinating with other players adds up to the array of game play modes you will get in this game.

Build Your Fortress:

People in Jurassic Park movie had their safe house, well here you can create your own with great protection mechanisms as well as resource building and storage. Hiding your fortress from potential looters might test your strategy.

You must protect your castle by shooting pterosaurs out of the air with a rifle, which is both challenging and fun. While you reach the end.

You would have developed a full-fledged steel fortress full of blast furnaces, complete with the electric lighting and gas generators for the production of Rockets, SCUBA gear, etc.

Extensive Campaign Mode:

The thrill and excitement in defeating impossible enemies are always incomparable. In offline single-player, there is a detailed sort of campaign that will take you to monster-filled caves to acquire artifacts and challenging bosses like fire-breathing dragons or Mega Spidey.

A lot of efforts are demanded in the further stages of the game thereby increasing the heat exponentially, which churns out the capabilities of the player.

Impressive Plot:

Defeating all three bosses unlocks an endgame dungeon which reveals a surprising amount of backstory behind the ARKs and their purpose, which won’t be revealed here to keep up the mystery for the players.

Thus, you will start immersing in the gameplay once you start connecting the Dots. The sheer amount of time and effort required to progress the traditional way is probably more, console commands to shortcut certain steps might be useful at times.

All in all, if you are someone who loves adventure and fps/TPS gameplay, the addition of a taste of fictitious aspects provided in ARK will not fall short in Impressing you. The immersive experience is also top notch.

If you are someone who adores the pleasure & pride gained after really striving hard to complete a gaming task, Ark Admin Commands is a must play the game.

Ark Admin Commands for Xbox One: FAQ’s

Follow the FAQ’s below in order to understand better, how to use Ark: Survival Evolved Admin Commands on Xbox One?

How do I enable Ark Admin Commands On Xbox One?

For the commands to work, you will first have to go to the pause screen. There you must be able to find an option to input the cheats at the top of your screen. If for some reason, you don’t see this option, then make sure that you have admin access and re-logged into the server after giving yourself access.

For the people that generally end up with their screen cluttered in cheat texts (e.g. keyboard shortcuts to spawn some specific items), you probably should run the commandsetCheatPlayer false’ (without the quotes).

Which Ark Cheats and Console Commands Do I use?

Apparently, every cheat meant for PC can be used on Xbox One. Some of them are mentioned below just for your reference.

Where Can I Use These Cheats?

For now, you can use cheats in your single player game and on dedicated servers. Non-dedicated servers are not fully supported yet.

Help: The Commands Are Not Working On My Xbox one!

If you cannot get the ARK Console Commands to work, but you are able to input them on your pause screen, I would suggest you try the following things to solve the issue:

  • Try to use adminCheat(without the quotes) in ahead of your commands and see if that makes any difference.
  • Try restarting your console, join the server (or local game) again and look if you can use the commands now (Sometimes easy solutions work).

You can spawn all creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved, by using the following ark console command:

cheat summon <creatureBlueprint>

If you are in the single-player mode, it might not be necessary to add ‘cheat’ prior to the summon command. The blueprint names which you can input to get your favourite dinosaurs are listed in the table below. Eg, You want to spawn an Ankylosaurus.

Therefore,  you should the following command:

cheat summon Ankylo_Character_BP_C

This will summon an Ankylosaurus at a random level and with random colours. If you want to have a creature of a specific level. There are other commands available which are used to state the level of the dinosaur you desire to summon.

A tiny tip that might be helpful when summoning creatures:

It is in fact very much possible to force-tame them by looking in the creature’s direction.

Normal Creatures: Ark Admin Commands List

cheat summon Achatina_Character_BP_CAchatina
cheat summon Allo_Character_BP_CAllosaurus
cheat summon MegaCarno_Character_BP_CAlpha Carnotaurus
cheat summon Mosa_Character_BP_Mega_CAlpha Mosasaurus
cheat summon MegaRaptor_Character_BP_CAlpha Raptor
cheat summon MegaRex_Character_BP_CAlpha Rex
cheat summon Mega_Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_CAlpha Tusoteuthis
cheat summon Ammonite_Character_BP_CAmmonite
cheat summon Angler_Character_BP_CAnglerfish
cheat summon Ankylo_Character_BP_CAnkylosaurus
cheat summon SpiderS_Character_BP_CAraneo
cheat summon Archa_Character_BP_CArchaeopteryx
cheat summon Argent_Character_BP_CArgentavis
cheat summon Arthro_Character_BP_CArthropluera
cheat summon Baryonyx_Character_BP_CBaryonyx
cheat summon Basilosaurus_Character_BP_CBasilosaurus
cheat summon Toad_Character_BP_CBeelzebufo
cheat summon Sauropod_Character_BP_CBrontosaurus
cheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_C Broodmother Lysrix
cheat summon Turtle_Character_BP_C Carbonemys
cheat summon Carno_Character_BP_C Carnotaurus
cheat summon Beaver_Character_BP_C Castoroides
cheat summon Chalico_Character_BP_C Chalicotherium
cheat summon Cnidaria_Character_BP_CCnidaria
cheat summon Coel_Character_BP_C Coelacanth
cheat summon Compy_Character_BP_C Compsognathus
cheat summon Compy_Character_BP_C Compsognathus
cheat summon Deathworm_Character_BP_C Death Worm
cheat summon Dilo_Character_BP_C Dilophosaurus
cheat summon Dimetro_Character_BP_C Dimetrodon
cheat summon Dimorph_Character_BP_C Dimorphodon
cheat summon Diplocaulus_Character_BP_C Diplocaulus
cheat summon Diplodocus_Character_BP_C Diplodocus
cheat summon Direbear_Character_BP_C Direbear
cheat summon Direwolf_Character_BP_C Direwolf
cheat summon Dodo_Character_BP_C Dodo
cheat summon DodoRex_Character_BP_C DodoRex
cheat summon DodoRex_Character_BP_C DodoRex (Halloween)
cheat summon DodoWyvern_Character_BP_C DodoWyvern (Halloween)
cheat summon Doed_Character_BP_C Doedicurus
cheat summon Dragon_Character_BP_C Dragon
cheat summon DungBeetle_Character_BP_C Dung Beetle
cheat summon Dunkle_Character_BP_C Dunkleosteus
cheat summon Eel_Character_BP_C Electrophorus
cheat summon Euryp_Character_BP_C Eurypterid
cheat summon summon_Galli_Character_BP_C Gallimimus
cheat summon Gigant_Character_BP_C Giganotosaurus
cheat summon BigFoot_Character_BP_C Gigantopithecus
cheat summon Dolphin_Character_BP_C Ichthyosaurus
cheat summon Jerboa_Character_BP_C Jerboa
cheat summon JugBug_Character_BaseBP_C Jug Bug
cheat summon JugBug_Oil_Character_BP_C Jug Bug (Oil)
cheat summon JugBug_Water_Character_BP_C Jug Bug (Water)
cheat summon Kairuku_Character_BP_C Kairuku
cheat summon Kaprosuchus_Character_BP_C Kaprosuchus
cheat summon Leech_Character_C Leech
cheat summon Leech_Character_Diseased_C Leech (Diseased)
cheat summon Moth_Character_BP_C Lymantria
cheat summon Lystro_Character_BP_C Lystrosaurus
cheat summon Mammoth_Character_BP_C Mammoth
cheat summon Manta_Character_BP_C Manta
cheat summon Manticore_Character_BP_C Manticore
cheat summon Mantis_Character_BP_C Mantis
cheat summon MegaDeathworm_Character_BP_C Mega Death Worm
cheat summon MegaWyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C Mega Wyvern
cheat summon Stag_Character_BP_C Megaloceros
cheat summon Megalodon_Character_BP_C Megalodon
cheat summon Megalosaurus_Character_BP_C Megalosaurus
cheat summon Dragonfly_Character_BP_C Meganeura
cheat summon Gorilla_Character_BP_C Megapithecus
cheat summon Monkey_Character_BP_C Mesopithecus
cheat summon Microraptor_Character_BP_C Microraptor
cheat summon Camelsaurus_Character_BP_C Morellatops
cheat summon Mosa_Character_BP_C Mosasaurus
cheat summon Moschops_Character_BP_C Moschops
cheat summon Bat_Character_BP_C Onyc
cheat summon OviRaptor_Character_BP_C Oviraptor
cheat summon Sheep_Character_BP_C Ovis
cheat summon Pachy_Character_BP_C Pachycephalosaurus
cheat summon Pachyrhino_Character_BP_C Pachyrhinosaurus
cheat summon Paracer_Character_BP_C Paraceratherium
cheat summon Para_Character_BP_C Parasaur
cheat summon Pegomastax_Character_BP_C Pegomastax
cheat summon Pela_Character_BP_C Pelagornis
cheat summon Phiomia_Character_BP_C Phiomia
cheat summon Piranha_Character_BP_C Piranha
cheat summon Plesiosaur_Character_BP_C Plesiosaurus
cheat summon Procoptodon_Character_BP_C Procoptodon
cheat summon Ptero_Character_BP_C Pteranodon
cheat summon Scorpion_Character_BP_C Pulmonoscorpius
cheat summon Purlovia_Character_BP_C Purlovia
cheat summon Quetz_Character_BP_C Quetzalcoatlus
cheat summon Raptor_Character_BP_C Raptor
cheat summon Rex_Character_BP_C Rex
cheat summon RockGolem_Character_BP_C Rock Elemental
cheat summon RubbleGolem_Character_BP_C Rubble Golem
cheat summon Saber_Character_BP_C Sabertooth
cheat summon Salmon_Character_BP_C Sabertooth Salmon
cheat summon Sarco_Character_BP_C Sarcosuchus
cheat summon Bone_Sauropod_Character_BP_C Skeletal Brontosaurus (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_MegaCarno_Character_BP_C Skeletal Carnotaurus (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_MegaWyvern_Character_BP_Fire_C Skeletal Fire Wyvern (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_Gigant_Character_BP_C Skeletal Giganotosaurus (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_Jerboa_Character_BP_C Skeletal Jerboa (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_Quetz_Character_BP_C Skeletal Quetzalcoatlus (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_MegaRaptor_Character_BP_C Skeletal Raptor (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_MegaRex_Character_BP_C Skeletal Rex (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_Stego_Character_BP_C Skeletal Stegosaurus (Halloween)
cheat summon Bone_Trike_Character_BP_C Skeletal Triceratops (Halloween)
cheat summon Spino_Character_BP_C Spinosaurus
cheat summon Stego_Character_BP_C Stegosaurus
cheat summon Turkey_Character_BP_C Super Turkey
cheat summon Tapejara_Character_BP_C Tapejara
cheat summon TerrorBird_Character_BP_C Terror Bird
cheat summon Therizino_Character_BP_C Therizinosaurus
cheat summon SpineyLizard_Character_BP_C Thorny Dragon
cheat summon Thylacoleo_Character_BP_C Thylacoleo
cheat summon BoaFrill_Character_BP_C Titanoboa
cheat summon Ant_Character_BP_C Titanomyrma
cheat summon FlyingAnt_Character_BP_C Titanomyrma
cheat summon Titanosaur_Character_BP_C Titanosaur
cheat summon Trike_Character_BP_C Triceratops
cheat summon Trilobite_Character_C Trilobite
cheat summon Troodon_Character_BP_C Troodon
cheat summon TurkeyBase_Character_BP_C Turkey
cheat summon Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_CTusoteuthis
cheat summon Vulture_Character_BP_CVulture
cheat summon Rhino_Character_BP_CWoolly Rhino
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Base_CWyvern
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire_CWyvern (Fire)
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_CWyvern (Lightning)
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison_CWyvern (Poison)
cheat summon Yeti_Character_BP_CYeti
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_ZombieFire_CZombie Fire Wyvern (Halloween)
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_ZombieLightning_CZombie Lightning Wyvern (Halloween)
cheat summon Wyvern_Character_BP_ZombiePoison_CZombie Poison Wyvern (Halloween)


All in all, if you are someone who loves adventure and FPS/TPS gameplay, the addition of a taste of fictitious aspects provided in ARK will not fall short in Impressing you. The immersive experience is also top notch.

If you are someone who adores the pleasure & pride gained after really striving hard to complete a gaming task, ARK:  Survival evolved is a must play the game.

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