About Us

Thanks for visiting ConsoleCommand. We’re a group of enthusiastic fanatics and geeks who are crazy for Video Gaming. From holding the small joysticks in Old School Nintendo to the Motion Sensors of Xbox One, that’s how we grew up.

But in between all these exciting hours of gaming sessions, we’ve all faced some pretty hard challenges and missions. Remember the GTA Vice City’s Demolition Man, the mission where you need to destroy the building by planting bombs in the whole building using a Remote Controlled Helicopter. To be honest, that mission took me almost two weeks and was depressing and exciting at the same time.

Fortunately, this website was started with ideation to help all the newbie gamers and players to help them out with successfully finishing these games. So, we’re going to prove cheat codes and console commands for a broad category of PC and Console games. Covering all the major console devices like XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, and all the major PC systems. All the console commands and cheat codes are tried and tested by us. Also, the terminal commands for gaming consoles are verified and approved across multiple software.

So, you can use them without any fear of penalties

Currently, the website doesn’t provide any helping guides, walkthroughs or cheat sheets for any games developed for mobile platforms. But we’re hoping to grow and include these categories soon.

Thanks for your time and Keep Playing!

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